What We Do

SQP specialise in all things automotive as long as it has 8 cylinders! 

The majority of our work is dedicated to the development of high horsepower LS (X) based engines from General Motors. Though GM Motor’s aren’t all we do. We have also built many Title winning Speedway, Sprint Car & Off Road Buggy engines to even turn key Drag Cars. A recent example of this is Tom’s VZ Maloo which was delivered to our doors as nothing but an empty shell. ALL WORK IS IN HOUSE. "We build not buy and resell!"

As a small business owner, I take great pride in my work and will not give back a half hearted job to a customer.

When it’s a perfect job you want then accept no substitutes or imitations.

Whether your looking for a mafless tune on our Dyno Dynamics chassis dyno, camshaft upgrade for your daily driver or a 1000HP at the Wheels Monster, we’ve been there, done it and have the trophy to prove it.